If Tony Stark built bicycles...

Pedal-electric Power-Boosted to Super Speeds in a Hardened Exo-shell

The Recharging Antro-Hybrid Transcycle (RAHT) is a human-assist EV featuring a hyper-boost power system and programmable virtual world topography. It recharges and goes as fast as a car when pedaled. You get a feeling of Ironman, super-strength when you pedal with the same effort as a bicycle, but go 65 mph. We told you it was like if Tony Stark built bicycles.

AR Programmable Terrain

Like a stationary fitness machine at the gym, the RAHT is programmable. It will follow actual terrain, or AR (augmented reality) virtual terrain programs. You can do the grueling Tour de France while on a long, flat highway in Iowa, or make all the hills of San Francisco flatter than North Dakota. Or never pedal at all: just sit back, relax and use the hand throttle.

Highway Speeds Using ~63 Less kWh Than the Average EV

Full size cars, whether gas or electric use a lot of resources. Like oil extraction, lithium mining causes environmental damage and Li battery systems are CO2 intensive to build. The average EV battery size is 77 kWh, the Raht's is 14. With it's smaller battery, aerodynamic design, pedal generator and other energy harvesting systems, the RAHT may be the most efficient car ever made.

Sustainable Engineering
(at 75mph)

Designed by and for passionate bike commuters who are dedicated to minimizing their carbon footprint, the Raht Racer uses pedal-electric power and encloses its rider in a weatherproof, reinforced body featuring automotive-rated safety components.

With initial patents secured and alpha build in-progress, we’re now vetting potential sustainably-minded partners to help us maintain momentum as we shift into our design and engineering phase.

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