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Pedal Electric
Hyper Efficient
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Pedal Electric
Hyper Efficient
Highway Safe

Inspired by the possibilities of sustainable engineering, the Recharging Anthro-Hybrid Transcycle (RAHT) is a human-assist hybrid PHEV powered by a patented drivetrain.

Combining the best aspects of road cycling and electric vehicles, the RAHT negates the environmental impacts inherent in commuting by car. By amplifying normal pedal effort and cadence, the RAHT easily reaches and maintains automotive speeds and features a robust set of auto-rated safety features.

(It's also really fun to drive.)

Sustainable Engineering
(at 75mph)

Designed by and for passionate bike commuters who are dedicated to minimizing their carbon footprint, the Raht Racer uses pedal-electric power and encloses its rider in a weatherproof, reinforced body featuring automotive-rated safety components.

With initial patents secured and alpha build complete, we’re now vetting potential sustainably-minded partners to help us maintain momentum as we shift into our design and engineering phase.

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"It has a lot of potential. I think we've got something."

Discovery Science Channel's All-American Makers


"If Tony Stark built bicycles..."

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"I would imagine big oil would love to make it disappear."

Daily Kos

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