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August 2020

Back In The Garage Again

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Recently, I reached out on Craigslist for some folks to give me help with a few projects on the Racer, (because why not, you’ll either find a great, smart hard working person, or a psychotic taxi driver). Luckily, I have found some great people from Craigslist, Lyon Smith who built the body and now Mark and Max who are helping with hardware and software engineering. In the next few weeks, I’ll post some pictures of what we’re doing. Mark and Max are great and I’m  lucky to be working with them.

We are working on several aspects of functionality of the car:

The pedal accelerator system – making a more robust, accurate pedal to throttle response.

The generator/pedal resistance system – improving functionality, adding terrain sensing and improving the exercise function GUI.

The brakes – tying all mechanical braking into one lever/actuator.

Replacing the handlebar steering with a D shaped racing wheel.

Outfit the whole vehicle with DOT compliant, motorcycle lighting.