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By February 17, 2021News, Team

Vehicle Progress – Mark, Max and Rich have been working on the alpha prototype 

Mark, Max & Rich have been at work on updating/improving key systems in the car. We’ve been making steady progress and have solved several tech issues which had been hampering us and hard to unravel.
Mark doing his usual; “Aw, I don’t know if I’m that great of an engineer.” He is.
Our pedal accelerator hardware had to be repaired, updated and tested. Mark made important progress getting the software and hardware to work substantially better on the pedal accelerator. The alpha prototype never had a boost adjust button, or dial, so we are installing one. The prototype uses a Nuvinci mechanical transmission for switching gears. We are updating the software that runs the motors controlling the Nuvinci.
Max is developing a new, simple GUI that displays speed, boost level and exercise program profile. We may mount it in the middle of the steering wheel, or to the side.
Get me a bucket, I’m going to throw up brake fluid.
We’re also wiring in headlights & taillights, upgrading the steering wheel and re-plumbing the brake lines.
I have considered cutting off the top, and putting it on a slider system, however I would not want to damage the body and we will plan for this feature in the next prototype.
Thanks to my great group of people; Mark, Ben, Max, Thomas and Ryan. Could not do this without you.
And also special thanks to David Ennis, who is letting us use his shop space, for free. And the added benefit is that I get to listen to really obscure punk rock from the 70’s; stuff that the only other guy with it is Henry Rollins.
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  • Alex says:

    Hi esteemed inventor.

    Saw your great effort on a discovery channel program and was greatly fascinated.I love anything that reduces carbon emissions.On the program,you were looking for some funding but they decided to go with some barbeque gadget.

    I live in Africa where there is a lot of sun,so if you car came to the continent, a basic solar panel might complement the cycling when charging the battery.However i think your invention is too costly.In my view,you may need to price it below 3000 dollars for it to be a real game changer.Maybe it needs to be made in China(yeah,i know anti-china rhetoric is in vogue right now) where manufacturing is cheaper.Electric bikes are easing their way to the African market.But your vehicle would really be something in Africa.Keep up the great work!!!

    • Rich Kronfeld says:

      Thanks for the note. I agree and we will have a solar panel integrated into the roof. As for cost – yes it would have to be made in China, or Vietnam, etc for any price under $10,000. Even decent electric bikes can cost over $10,000. Not sure of quality if made in China. With volume, price will come down. Would love to see it in Africa.


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