Progress Summary: May

The (good) weather was probably a factor, but, oh my, how May flew by. Big News: Mark had a new steering wheel for the RAHT laser cut(!). And we’re going to go ahead and call it a solid WIN every single time we manage to get lasers involved up in here at Kronfeld Motors.

What’s more, here’s a quick summary of what the team started to dig into this past month:

  • Building out the new steering wheel with buttons, a twist grip throttle, & a new brake lever/reservoir
  • Testing a new circuit board with our drive system in the car
  • Starting to program the new speedometer
  • Re-plumbing brake lines replacing a few switches to toggle switches
  • Wiring in new headlights and taillights

On the marketing side (YAWN, we know 😎) while Ben spent a decent chunk of May pestering Mark about lasers, it turns out his April entry detailing his existential struggles over the existence of an EV Ford Mustang was prescient timing, what with Ford unveiling the new, fully electric F150 Lightning on May 24th.

Pictured: President Biden Hearing About the Ford Lightning (probably)

That and Ben celebrated a birthday in May. (According to him, he’s “officially” Old-Years-Old now. Welcome to the club, buddy.)

So, here’s to hearing more about Big Auto throwing down into the EV world with the rest of us.

Meantime, moving forward, if there are specific parts of the build process you’d like to know about (or know MORE about) make sure to let us know in the comments!