About Us

“There’s no point in saving the world if it means losing the moon.”

Tom Robbins

Full size cars, whether gas or electric, use too many resources, are inefficient and most trips are one occupant. Like oil extraction, large lithium battery systems cause environmental damage and are CO2 intensive to build and charge. The average EV battery is 77 kWh, the battery on our vehicle is 14 kWh, 63 kWh smaller. Additionally, our proprietary hybrid-electric tech is designed to utilize every drop of energy while delivering a high-performance, safe, and thrilling new driving experience. We’ve created the most efficient and most exciting car ever made.

And we’re just getting started.

We’re Daring Mighty Things

Big Oil and Big Auto have known for decades that their products contribute overwhelming amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere. Big Oil had the evidence and killed it, (Exxon) and Big Auto continues to market and sell vehicles that are large and inefficient. A car with a big engine just makes wealthy oil barons and petro dictators wealthier. In addition to drastically warming the planet. That was the epiphany that set us on course.

Our mission is to develop a vehicle that is all you need to transport 1-2 people at highway speeds, safely, practically with the lowest possible energy required. A radically efficient car that incorporates aerodynamics, lower weight and tech we’re building to bring about a sea change in energy efficiency in urban transportation.

(Update: Currently in Phase 2, we’re vetting potential partners. If you’re a sustainably-minded investor, make sure to get in touch.)

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Sustainably Committed

To keep our company on the most sustainable path
possible, we anchor our aspirations to two main beliefs: 

Build Local

Kronfeld Motor Company will build its vehicles in the US, with US labor, US aluminum/steel, and as many parts Made in the U.S.A. as possible. 

Minimize Impact

In addition to leveraging the most efficient energy sources available, we will use bio-composites in the fabrication of each vehicle’s body, interior, fit, and trim.

The Team. And the Vision.

We are a group of believers. We believe in beauty of design, beauty of engineering, and power with purpose. We love bikes and cars and combine our love of both with passion for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

We believe someday we’ll be able to drive anywhere, at highway speeds with the carbon footprint of a bike. Maybe not today, but someday soon. 

Meet the Team

…many, if not most of the great automobile companies were  named after the founder/founders – Mercedes-Benz; Toyota; Ferrari; Aston-Martin; Duesenberg; Ford, etc. It’s in keeping with that tradition that I wanted to use my name, (it was also my friend, Andrew’s idea), but there’s more to it than that.

Kronfeld is a German-Jewish name and to my knowledge there has not been an automotive company with a Jewish namesake. Also it’s a poke in the eye to Henry Ford, who built a great car company, but was an avid anti-semite.

Rich Kronfeld | Founder, CEO