Kronfeld Motors has developed the RAHT RACER™, a hyper-efficient electric vehicle for urban commuters, vacation rentals and motor sports enthusiasts. The RAHT, (Recharging Anthro-Hybrid Transcycle) is a 3 wheel, 2 seat, weatherproof, human-electric hybrid that boosts normal cycling effort and cadence to highway speeds. Simply put – when you pedal, you go as fast as a car. Kronfeld Motors’ patented, electric generator-accelerator system takes cycling where it has never gone before – the highway.

This amazing vehicle also acts as a drivable exercise machine. Much like an electronic fitness machine at the gym, the RAHT is programmable, enabling riders to run fitness programs as they drive. The patented fitness system can both track actual terrain and vary pedal difficulty based on hills in the real world, or run terrain programs that increase/decrease pedal difficulty in a virtual world. There is no other vehicle in the world that has this capability. Because of its lighter weight, aerodynamics and energy recapture technologies, The RAHT may be the most efficient car ever made.

It has an averaged range of 100 miles, recharges when pedaled or plugged in, a reinforced, fiberglass body, roll cage frame, seat belts and other safety systems. It gives the rider a feeling of superhuman strength or as the press refers to it; “If Tony Stark (Ironman) Built Bicycles”.

With its unique pedal acceleration feature, very low cost of operation, hyper efficiency, safety and integrated fitness systems, the RAHT is ideal for millions of urban commuters, motor sports enthusiasts and vacation-tourism rental fleet owners.