Meet the Raht Racer, an intelligent hybrid personal transportation vehicle that goes as fast as a car when pedaled with typical pedal effort and cadence associated with a bicycle. Top speed – 95MPH. Our patented drivetrain technology makes the Raht the world’s first “drivable exercise machine”.  Pedal resistance/feel can mimic actual terrain, or follow programmed modes/routes; pedal cadence/torque are amplified to automobile speeds.  The total device is an electronic exercise machine fused with an electric car that reports all user data in real time. The Raht also employs energy recapture technologies to make it possibly the most efficient car ever made.

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Very Efficient Vehicle Energy recapture technologies – high output, pedal generator and Turbogen™ air pressure system; plus smaller battery, lightweight design may make Raht Racer the most efficient high speed vehicle ever made.
Exercise Machine on Wheels Computer runs exercise programs while driving and displays driver performance data.
High Output Pedal Generator Pedals are connected to the generator, not the wheels, pedaling generates electricity that recharges the system.
Highway Speed Pedal Power System senses pedal cadence, torque and amplifies it to automobile speeds, giving rider sensation of super human strength like Ironman. When you pedal, you go as fast as a car.
Road-Safe Weather Proof and Storage Composite body, roll cage frame, seat belts, DOT automotive lights – safer than a motorcycle or bicycle on busy streets.
Terrain Sensing Mode The onboard system senses hills and adjusts resistance based on actual terrain.
Gearing System Adjusting Gearing is variable, allowing you to go at high speeds with minimum or maximum effort. It’s your choice.
Turbogen Neutral drag, pressurized air powers generator and “air envelope”, reducing drag
Roll Cage The Raht Racer includes a reinforced steel roll cage passenger compartment giving you an extra layer of safety
Headlights Automotive grade headlights for evening travel that comply with regulations


AC nominal 20kW, peak 45kW-carbon belt drive
City - 120, Highway - 72, Combined - 105
Peak Torque
81 ft-lb
Peak Power
60 hp (45kW)
Top Speed
Charge Time
4.5 hours
Max Capacity
13.6 kWh


Front Suspension
Active leaning system
Rear Suspension
Swing arm, shocks/springs
Steel/aluminum roll cage
Kevlar reinforced fiberglass
2 in tandem


Neutral drag, pressurized air intakes power generator and “air envelope”
Terrain Sense Mode
Onboard sensors interpret grade and adjust pedal resistance accordingly
Programmed Terrain Mode
Preprogrammed grade profile, or user created profile adjusts pedal resistance independent of actual terrain/grade
Hand throttle & brake steering wheel
Throttle and brake paddles built into steering wheel - hand throttle always available to rider
Boost adjust
User chooses level of pedal boost
Pedal reverse
Vehicle can pedal backwards and go in reverse
Rider performance data reporting
All rider performace data is reported in real-time watts, current, amount of charge to battery, range extended
Removable roof panel
Roof section removes for open air experience
Anti-lock brakes, traction control, seat belts, automotive grade LED head lights/tail lights
AC power outlet
Portable, emergency AC power


Max height
Overall length
Curb weight
540 lbs
Wheel base - front wheels to back wheel
Max body width
Front track width
Wheel size
16x3 rim