I like to think that we’re the equivalent of the 1970’s Vikings, the 60’s Packers and the 80’s Twins. We’re all driven by passion for the idea, love for all things automotive/motor sport and a strong passion for climate change solutions, (yes, I know the Vikings lost the Superbowl four times).

Richard Kronfeld


Founder-CEO Kronfeld Motors Create a new form of transportation, innovate the electric vehicle industry, put the work in and grind out an amazing product.

Ryan Anderson


Experienced, Respected & Trusted. A natural, high energy leader with a philosophy of employee development and empowerment which leads to the achievement of sustainable, long-term improvements in performance, business and leadership growth as well as highly engaged and happy employees

Thomas Nouvian

Chief Financial Officer

Kellogg MBA; Former executive in technology startups & management consultant

Mark Neubauer

Chief Hardware Design

Hardware designer specializing in motorcycles, motor sports; advanced vehicle control systems, also manufacturing engineering.

Max Arsenault

Software design, GUI

Head of GUI design; interface between hardware and software control systems for fitness profiles programming.

Ben Schmidt

Content Consultant

Internet, social media research, marketing, strategy.