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To boldly go where no bike has gone before

Innovators in electric transportation, the Kronfeld Motor Company has created the RAHT, (Recharging Anthro-Hybrid Transcycle); a car with the carbon footprint of an electric bike; an electric bike with the safety and performance of a car.

The Raht is the world’s first virtual terrain programmable, highway speed, pedal-electric vehicle with automotive safety features and energy harvesting tech to make it the most exciting and efficient car ever built. It acts as a “drivable exercise machine” and is programmable much like a fitness machine at the gym.

It goes as fast as a car when pedaled, giving the rider a feeling of super strength or as the press refers to it; “If Tony Stark Built Bicycles”.


We’re Daring Mighty Things

Our innovation is a novel drive train that connects bicycle cranks/pedals to generators, not wheels. The system uses sensors to control pedal feel for terrain; pedal resistance can mimic actual terrain, or programmed modes and the generator extends range. Acceleration is controlled by pedal cadence/torque and amplified to automobile speeds with normal bicycle pedal effort. A hand accelerator is always available when the driver does not want to pedal.

The Raht reaches highway speeds, (max 90 mph).  It recharges when pedaled or plugged in, it is enclosed for protection from the elements, features a roll cage, seat belts, traction control, anti-lock brakes and other safety equipment and serves as an electronic exercise device that reports all user data in real time.


Sustainably Committed

To keep our company on the most sustainable path
possible, we anchor our aspirations to two main beliefs:

Build Local

Kronfeld Motor Company will build its vehicles in the US, with US labor, US aluminum/steel, and as many parts Made in the U.S.A. as possible.

Minimize Impact

In addition to leveraging the most efficient energy sources available, we will use bio-composites in the fabrication of each vehicle’s body, interior, fit, and trim.

The Team. And the Vision.

We are a group of believers. We believe in beauty of design, beauty of engineering, and power with purpose. We love bikes and cars and combine our love of both with passion for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

We believe someday we’ll be able to drive anywhere, at highway speeds with the carbon footprint of a bike. Maybe not today, but someday soon. 

…many, if not most of the great automobile companies were  named after the founder/founders – Mercedes-Benz; Toyota; Ferrari; Aston-Martin; Duesenberg; Ford, etc. It’s in keeping with that tradition that I wanted to use my name, (it was also my friend, Andrew’s idea), but there’s more to it than that.


Kronfeld is a German-Jewish name and to my knowledge there has not been an automotive company with a Jewish namesake. Also it’s a poke in the eye to Henry Ford, who built a great car company, but was an avid anti-semite.


Rich Kronfeld | Founder, CEO