My background is TV production and audio visual engineering. I’m a biker and used to be a sports car guy, (until I realized how pointless big, gas guzzling engines are). I got the EV bug, like a lot of people, got ambitious and won a grant to build a type of car that had never existed before and as it turned out:

It was hard.

Luckily, I found gifted and capable people to work with and in 2014, we completed our alpha prototype. We showed it to the world and for the next few years, we made progress in getting customer interest, building a website, patents, etc. Then in 2017, multiple family emergencies caused me to shutter the business. In 2021, seeing the tremendous growth in ebikes, EV’s and fitness tech, I decided to re-start the company. Since then, we have been repairing, reworking the prototype and redoing our business materials.

Didn’t John Lennon say something about life happening when you’re trying to build a hyper boosted, pedal-electric, terrain programmable EV?


  • Grant awarded

  • Prototype completed


Winner - Science

Channels - All American

Makers", early press


Clean Energy Trust Challenge & MN Cup finalist

  • Company accepted into NMotion and Cleantech Open Accelerators

  • Kronfeld Motors sells out all 20 reservation slots for 1st production run of 20 vehicles

  • Company awarded 3rd patent 

  • Company recives friends & family investments

  • Company reincorporated

  • Company awarded Launch MN  state grant

Sustainably Committed

To keep our company on the most sustainable path
possible, we anchor our aspirations to two main beliefs:

Build Local

Kronfeld Motor Company will build its vehicles in the US, with US labor, US aluminum/steel, and as many parts Made in the U.S.A. as possible.

Minimize Impact

In addition to leveraging the most efficient energy sources available, we will use bio-composites in the fabrication of each vehicle’s body, interior, fit, and trim.

The Team. And the Vision.

We are a group of believers. We believe in beauty of design, beauty of engineering, and power with purpose. We love bikes and cars and combine our love of both with passion for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

We believe someday we’ll be able to drive anywhere, at highway speeds with the carbon footprint of a bike. Maybe not today, but someday soon. 

Thank You

I want to thank my wife, Robin for supporting me through the ups and downs of this endeavor, Lyon Smith for an amazing design and prototype, Eric Little and Thomas Marlowe for their hard work on my patents, Steve Castellotti for his technical assistance, Ryan Anderson for his operations, engineering, vehicle development skills and unending support, Mark Neubauer for his technical and automotive brilliance and dozens of Sundays in my garage, Drew Ryder for his advice, Rus Bockin for his bicycle knowledge, Matt Prader for his early help, St Could State U for their help in so many ways, Stew Roberts for his EV expertise and engineering my electrical system, Vedran Martinek for amazing new CAD designs, Dan Halpern for his early advice and help, and my kids for…well, being my kids who I love more than Chinese food.