Final Update of 2021 (featuring some exciting news!)

Hello and Happy Almost End of the Year to you all. We’ll keep it short and sweet, but we do have some exciting news to share:

As Rich details in the quick vid below, Kronfeld Motors was recently awarded a 2021 Launch Minnesota Grant (woo-hoo!). Along with our growing KM Community, this adds some serious horsepower as we progress into 2022.

In addition to getting the RAHT upgraded and road-ready for Spring, we’ve also got some changes to the website, blog, and social channels in the works. So stay tuned, stay warm (to all those in Winter climes), and thanks to each and every one of you for your attention and support.



The KM Team


Just want to do a quick update.

We have really, really great news, our company was just awarded a 2021 Launch Minnesota Grant.

So we’re super excited about that, we’re going to use the money to complete the work that needs to be done on the prototype, and spiff up our website and other social media things that we need to do to get the word out.

So once again, thank you very much for everyone’s support for your support, which has been so incredibly necessary and beneficial for us to move forward and we can not do it without that support.

So thank you again. And we’ll be sending out more information as we progress with the grant.

Thank you!

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