Kronfeld Motor Company Announces Collaboration With EV3


The Kronfeld Motor Company is very pleased to announce a partnership with EV3 Component Solutions Co, ( EV3 is a parts and components supplier to electric vehicle manufacturers. The company, led by Joseph Likens has a successful track record of supplying motors, gearboxes, chargers, inverters, heaters, chassis components and other parts to EV manufacturers in North America.

Along with our in house team, EV3 will advise on R&D, sourcing and capital financing. According to Kronfeld Motor Co., CEO Richard Kronfeld; “EV3’s experience in the field will be a crucial and dramatic benefit to Kronfeld Motor Company. We will be able to insure that in our design process, we choose components that will make the Hypercycle not only a better vehicle, but more efficiently and dependably manufactured.”

With this partnership, Kronfeld Motor Company has possibly the most important aspects of manufacturing managed; that is dependable and quality suppliers. We look forward to a successful and mutually beneficial partnership with EV3.