December 2023

Update – End of 2023

(and some of 2022)


It’s been some time since I’ve sent out an update and I apologize. This year has been chaotic as I dealt with several family related issues. Because of work and the personal responsibilities of the year, I have not been able to do much work on the vehicle. In lieu of a progress update for 2023, listed here is what I, along with some talented people have accomplished in the last three years, (since Covid). I want to specifically thank Mark Neubauer, an amazing engineer, who I wish I could pay a million dollars.

AND I want to thank all of you for supporting me/my company/us. Without the help of my supporters, (YOU) none of what is below could have been accomplished.


On The Prototype R&D Side –

Totally new control system built using new Arduino with new software for throttle control

Removal and replacement of old wiring harnesses

Replacement of broken relays

Rewiring of lighting system

New fuse panel installed, new fuses

New DC to DC converter

Rewiring of AC to DC converters

Rewiring of DC to DC converters

Construction of new, custom drafted & laser cut steering wheel

Design and wiring of multi-switch panel for steering wheel

New speedometer programmed

New vehicle information display programmed

Motor controller settings adjusted

New software to control lights, turn signals

All brake lines replaced, bled, pressurized

Right-Left brake levers combined into one lever to control front & rear brakes

New steering wheel mount brake lever with new master cylinder installed

Brake line pressurizing valve installed

Rebuilding of accessory switch panel

Internal hub gear control cable replaced

2 Bridge rectifiers replaced

2 Ventilation fans installed

New, much more comfortable, adjustable seat installed

New onboard trickle charger installed

Interior lined with vinyl upholstery

Absolutely gorgeous new exterior designs created by automotive designer Vedran Martinek


On The Business Side –

GoFundMe campaign raised $15,000

Applied for and received Launch Minnesota grant of $21,000

Application and acceptance to gBeta Future of Manufacturing accelerator in Indianapolis, IN

Attendance at Wisconsin Clean Cities Transportation & innovation Expo in Madison, WI

Design patent #D873,710 finalized

Totally redesigned website launched

Currently 483 new vehicle reservations


Plans for the coming year, 2024 –

Complete the upgrades and repairs to the prototype.

Embark on a large scale, multi investor pitching schedule.

Work with the state of Minnesota on possible grant funding.

Explore applying for a federal SBIR grant.

Explore crowd funding through a platform like StartEngine.



Rich Kronfeld