Work In Progress: July/August

Note: Despite what these pictures suggest, Mark is not doing ALL the work here. Rich made some coffee. And ate half of one donut. (Kidding Rich! Just kidding. #GoKMTeam!)

The current RAHT Alpha-build punch list:

  • Re-design steering wheel & laser cut it
  • Cut new lengths of steel tube for grips & notch
  • Weld a round mounting nut onto notched tube ends
  • Mount switches for: turn signals, horn, highbeams? on steering wheel
  • Mount horn up front

  • Mount brake lever/master cyl, fluid reservoir, grip (on brake side) & twist throttle to steering wheel
  • Connect micro switch (on brake lever) to brake lights
  • Get new lines made & plumb brake lines
  • Cable harness from steering wheel, down shaft, into mega
  • Redo switch panel on right side – plastic mounting board with labels, toggle switches, etc
  • Speedometer sensor & mount on swing arms, magnet(s) epoxied on wheel
  • Speedometer sensor fed into mega, mega fed into 4D display
  • Headlights, taillights fed into mega, or 12V power bus mounted on right side
  • Boost pot – install up/down buttons onto steering wheel – 4 settings
  • Get hardware board mounted into new project box
  • Upholster inside
  • Get new seat, weld/attach backing posts to steel track from old seat

Plenty getting done with plenty more to do.

More pics to come (and hopefully maybe some video, right Rich?) as the team speeds ahead!

1 thought on “Work In Progress: July/August”

  1. Please beware of making this so fancy and high tech that fewer people can afford it.
    What’s it going to be like to drive in the rain (wiper blade) or in Winter (condensation, air flow).

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